Finally, How to Learn English Online... the Right Way!

Dear Student of English,

I know how frustrating learning English can be. I'm a native English speaker, but I've seen grown men almost crying because they have studied for years but they are still at Elementary level.

Now, before we continue, I need to be honest: If you're lazy, the problem is you.

But... if you work hard and you are still struggling, the problem clearly isn't with you. The problem is the method you are using and the "rules" you are following. You were taught the wrong things, the wrong way, by people who didn't really understand how English works.

At last, a solution!

You can increase your confidence when speaking English – Say what you want to say easily.

You can learn to speak naturally and fluently – No more stress out about saying the wrong thing!

You can remove the confusion about all those stupid grammar rules – Write and speak more accurately.

You can reduce your accent – Don't make embarrassing pronunciation errors.

You can improve your reading and listening skills – The quickest way to boost everything else!

You can. I know you can. Because I've taught thousands of students to do it. So you can do it, too.

Lies, lies, and more lies!

The problem with most English courses (and the teachers on those courses) is that they teach you things that are just not true. Stupid things like "Use 'some' in positive sentences and 'any' in negatives and questions". Have you ever heard that one?

Or... "Use the 'Present Perfect' when something started in the past and continues to now".

Or... "Use 'a' if a word starts with a consonant and 'an' if it starts with a vowel".

Or... "Phrasal verbs are grammar so you need to learn the rules for how they work".

Or... the list goes on and on and on. Unfortunately.

Are You Burning Money?

How much money have you wasted on English books, tapes, CD-ROMs, and courses?

You've spent a lot, right? And you're still not satisfied with your progress. (If you were satisfied, I don't think you would be reading this.)

So why, why, why... if you've spent so much time and money... are you not at the level you want to be?

We know it's not because you're lazy. Or because you don't have the desire.

So maybe it's the method you've been using. Let's fix that.

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All the best,
Leslie Burns

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